As a Nurse Practitioner my life’s work is in Medicine.

As an Artist, my life’s passion is Photography.

Through my life’s work and life’s passion, I have experienced the powerful interplay between Art, Science and Nature.

The Science of Medicine is characterized by hard facts: understanding anatomy, identifying a diagnosis, treating a symptom or prescribing a drug. But practicing the Art of Medicine is what truly heals. It’s the ability to coax details from my patients, to earn their trust and confidence, and to recognize their needs and their definitions of health. Then I must respond in a way they understand. This requires a connection between me and the patient.

A similar structure exists in the Science of Photography. I have read countless books, taken classes, attended lectures and seminars and studied the work of other artists. I recognize the elements of a technically correct photograph in the same way that I recognize the symptoms of a physical condition. But it’s the *Art* of Photography that sparks the emotions and inspires me to capture that moment in time. This requires a connection between me and nature.

I believe how we choose to focus on something, that focus remains with us -whether it becomes beautiful and empowering, or unpleasant and disheartening. I choose to focus on things that inspire me, and – I hope – inspire others. Feeling this connection to nature and beauty, all through the lens of Art and Science, can help us heal ourselves and, in so doing, support healing our world.

A portion of my proceeds are donated to organizations dedicated to preserving the environment.

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  1. Probably not, but a photo that NASA recently published sparked the imagination of many.The image that came out a few weeks ago, started becoming popular on social media only today.

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